“I have had the chance to test the Stealth360 from N-ear, and I can not say anything else than
that it fits perfectly in your ear and the sound is very clear. Also very discreet for special jobs.”
Rob Veltmeijer, Executive Protection Specialist.

Stealth360 from N-ear is by far the best earpiece I ever has used, the only one I have been able
to have in my ear for hours and hours, without any problems at all, sometimes you even forget
that you have it in your ear. Clear sound, light and extremely discreet.”
Thomas Christiansen, Executive Protection Agent.

“Gives “covert” a whole new dimension. My recommendations for any one and every one, in the
CP/Surveillance business. Comfort, discretion and high quality sound. I left my old clear tube
in the bin.”

“After having tested the N-ear covert earpiece, I will find it hard, ever to use an alternative
earpiece. Testing N-ear has been an amazing experience. High discretion, combined with high
comfort and quality. I am NOT a shareholder – just a VERY satisfied customer!”
Rami Ezzeddine, Senior Security Advisor.